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Jon Stover & Associates has led economic development projects for a wide variety of government agencies, nonprofit organizations, private developers, and business owners. Please click on the services below for a more detailed description of what we do, and for some project examples. 

Type of Work:
Economic Analysis
Real Estate Analysis
Business Assistance
Nonprofit Support 
Community Engagement
Revitalization Strategy

Understand and project economic trends and opportunities

Assess real estate opportunities and development strategies 

Help businesses thrive 

Enhance organizational capacity or expertise

Communicate and build consensus with residents and other stakeholders

Guide the collaboration of stakeholders and resources to make a neighborhood more vibrant and prosperous 

Example Services:

Fiscal impact; economic impact; community impact; economic projections; employment analysis; demographic analysis

Real estate market analysis; development feasibility; highest and best use analysis; impact assessment; financial analysis; TOD

Technical assistance; market analysis; positioning and consumer preference; approvals; business support strategy  

Strategic planning; work planning; training; project coordination

Community presentations; workshops and charrettes; stakeholder surveys; facilitation; stakeholder needs assessment 

Small area plans and neighborhood plans; comprehensive plans; regional plans; zoning and land use; redevelopment strategies; corridor and sector plans; retail enhancement strategy 

Policy, design, development, and community interest are fields with differing objectives and methods, but professionals representing each must work together to get their job done. Our job is to help you navigate this often-confusing realm.

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Economic Development Consulting

Bridging the Gap Between Businesses, Local Government, Nonprofits, and the Community

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